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Item Number: 1907-801
Item Number: 1907-801
  Sandra Begay

Price Was: $1,735.00
Today's Special: $1,685.00
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In The Spotlight
Navajo Rugs Buying Tips

    One of the most notable points for trying to determine the authenticity of a Navajo rug is the manner in which it is woven. There are two different types of looms that account for differences in the weave. 

View more tips at  Tips For Purchasing Navajo Rugs.

Navajo Rugs

Tips for buying them ...

You're interested in purchasing a Navajo rug, or perhaps you want to start a collection, but you don't know if the price is right? How can you tell if it's an authentic Navajo rug? How do you know what this rug is worth?

Navajo rugs can vary widely in price from less than $100 to thousands of dollars. The value of Navajo rugs has also increased over time making a good quality rug not only a treasured possession but a great investment. But, before spending a lot of money on a rug, it is helpful to know more about them.

The more you read about Navajo rugs, the more educated you will become about the art of Navajo weaving and its history. The most important bit of information to learn is that there are a lot of imitation Navajo rugs, and you will first need to know how to distinguish the authentic ones from the imitations. This skill takes time to develop and requires exposure to a lot of rugs.

As a part of learning how to authenticate Navajo rugs, you will also learn quite a bit about the weaving process and about how the artistic talent and design skills of the weaver are reflected in the rug.

We hope to give you some tips to help you answer these questions and find a rug that appeals especially to you.

So, let's get started!

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